Recent Development in the Derivative Right To Passport and Freedom Of Movement Under The 1999 Nigerian Constitution


This article considers the propriety of the statement credited to the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Mr. Babatunde Fowler (at the meeting of the Joint Tax Board held on 28 November 2016 in Abuja) which gave most Nigerians the impression that there was a policy and/or regulatory move to make tax compliance a requirement for obtaining the Nigerian passport and/or the renewal of the Nigerian passport.  Adopting the black-letter approach, this article argues that the ability of a Nigerian to obtain the ‘international passport’ and/or renew it, is a right ancillary to the fundamental right of freedom of movement among other rights under the 1999 Nigerian Constitution but not a privilege as some scholars have argued. Hence, the article submits that any subtle attempt by the government or any other relevant authority to encroach on this ‘fundamental right’ is susceptible to being declared unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction

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UNILAG Law Review, (2018) Volume 2 Edition 1

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