The Role of Law and Governance in Advancing Climate Resilience and Climate Justice


The climate of the earth changes constantly due to natural causes. Nonetheless, human activities contribute significantly to the change, which results in untold climate disaster. In fact, over the years, governments and successive governments of nations, especially developing nations have been lackadaisical about climate and the environment, generally. Moreover, in some countries, there are laws in place to advance climate resilience and climate justice, but implementation of these laws has been the challenge. Little efforts are galvanised into ensuring adequate protection of the environment against emission of hazardous substances into the atmosphere through exploration and exploitation, or implementation of adequate mechanisms to deal with continuous environmental and ecological disasters. Thus, as global warming impacts are felt all over the world, there is a need for the law to intervene, through the government and the legal community, in ensuring adequate protection of the environment for sustainable development, climate resilience and justice.

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UNILAG Law Review, (2018) Volume 2 Edition 1

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