An Appraisal of the Legal Relationship between a Banker and its Customer: The Statutory Protection Afforded to Bankers in Nigeria in Paying Cheques – Olamide Benedicta Abe

The article is divided into three parts. The first part of this article seeks to explain and shed more light on banker customer relationship, the legal position as to who a banker is, who a customer is, the incidents of a banker customer relationship and the position of the law especially judicial decisions in the aspect of banker customer relationship. The second part of the article, takes a look at, the meaning of cheque under the Bill of Exchange Act 1917, the legal barriers to payment of cheques on demand and finally the protection afforded to the paying and collecting banker under the Bill of Exchange Act and exceptions to the protection. The concluding part of the article gives recommendations as to how this area of the law of banking can be improved.

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