Exploring Alternative Means of Energy in Nigeria: Lessons from Canada by Adewale Ajayi


The Nigerian Energy Sector can be described as a fertile yet underutilized field; thus, the stagnancy and underdevelopment in this sector. Nigeria has been plagued with epileptic power supply and low energy production and management making it unable to cater for the over 170 million population she harbors. To combat this menace, there is a need for seeking alternative means of Energy and the adaptability to the Nigerian sector with a legal structure to accommodate such developments. A cursory look at Canada for its immense diversification in the energy sector suggests steps Nigeria can follow and the adaptability to the Nigerian setting taking into cognizance the Peculiar factors hindering growth and development in the sector. A cursory look into other sources of energy for Nigeria vis-a-vis the large deposit of natural resources, minerals and energy suitable geography suggests that there is a future that sees an energy stable and developed Nigeria. There is a need to utilize other sources of Energy in Nigeria and for an overhaul in Policy, Law and Administration.

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